4 Fieldwork Software Programs That Can Transform Your Business

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Dedicated fieldwork software can be a gamechanger for a business. It streamlines processes, improves customer communication, automates bookings and provides reporting functions. If you haven’t been using any software to help your business, this may be the year to start.

We’ve rounded up some programs used by those with businesses that conduct field work, including in pest management, building inspection and property maintenance in Australia. Check them out below.

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Fieldwork software: Formitize

URL: formitize.com/
Pricing: From $45 a month*

Free trial available? Yes

In a nutshell: Automate, go paperless and scale your business with ease.

A versatile tool designed to help field work businesses go digital and streamline their work. It offers a range of features aimed at boosting efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Key features include:

Paperless reporting

It allows technicians/inspectors to fill out and submit reports on-site using mobile devices, greatly reducing paperwork and admin tasks.

Scheduling and dispatch

The software provides tools for scheduling jobs and dispatching workers efficiently, making sure technicians are sent out quickly and travel routes are optimised.

Customer management

Formitize includes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features, enabling you to keep track of customer details, communication history, and service preferences. Here are some tips on how to help customers prepare for a pest control visit ahead of time.

Invoicing and payments

The platform supports creating invoices directly from completed job reports and integrates with payment systems for faster payments.

Real-time updates and notifications

It offers instant updates and notifications about job status, scheduling changes, and other important information to both technicians and customers.

Customisable forms

For industries that need to follow various regulations, Formitize can help. It offers customisable templates so you can create digital forms and checklists tailored to your specific industry regulations and safety standards. The program updates these templates in real-time, so you’ll always be sure your compliance and safety forms are up to date with the latest regulations.

You can also create custom forms for inspection reports and service agreements.

Integration capabilities

Formitize can integrate with other business software, like accounting packages, to ensure smooth operation across all business aspects.

Fieldwork software: Service M8

URL: servicem8.com
Pricing: From a $23 a month*

Free trial available? Yes

In a nutshell: Smart job tracking for trades & services.

A cloud-based software that helps small to medium-sized service businesses, including pest control companies, manage their operations more effectively. It’s ideal for businesses looking to streamline their workflows, enhance customer service, and boost productivity. Here are some of the key features and benefits of using ServiceM8:

Job management

Lets you manage job bookings, dispatching, and job status updates from a central platform. This ensures that jobs are completed on time and clients are kept informed throughout the process.

Scheduling and dispatch

With an intuitive scheduling interface, ServiceM8 lets you easily schedule jobs and dispatch technicians. The system also suggests the best route to a job site, saving time and fuel costs.

Quotes and invoicing

The software simplifies the quoting and invoicing process by letting you create, send, and track quotes and invoices directly from the app, speeding up the payment process and improving cash flow.

Client communication

ServiceM8 offers tools for professional communication with clients, including automated appointment reminders, follow-ups, and sending job details and invoices via SMS or email. Speaking of clients, check out these 10 ways to build and keep a positive public image.

Documentation and photos

Your technicians can capture and store photos, notes, and PDFs related to each job within the app. This is especially useful if you need to document pest infestations and treatment areas for compliance and customer assurance purposes.


Being a cloud-based system, ServiceM8 allows you and your team to access job information, schedules, and client details from anywhere, at any time, using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Integration and add-ons

It integrates with a range of other software tools, including accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks, giving you a seamless workflow from job management to financial reporting.

Customisable forms

You can create custom forms and checklists to standardise job processes and make sure that all the necessary steps are followed and documented for each service.

Fieldwork software: Mira (formerly Pest Register)

URL: mira.au
Pricing: From a $41 a month*

Free trial available? Yes

In a nutshell: All-in-one software for tradies.

Mira, formerly known as Pest Register, is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for the pest control industry. It aims to support you by providing a suite of tools that streamline operations, better customer service, and improve the overall efficiency of your business. Key features of Mira:

Job management and scheduling

The software offers robust job management and scheduling features, allowing you to easily book, track, and manage pest control jobs. It ensures that technicians are efficiently dispatched to client sites, with schedules optimised to reduce travel time and maximise productivity.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

It includes comprehensive CRM functionalities that enables you to maintain detailed records of their customers, including contact information, service history, and preferences. This helps in delivering personalised service and building strong customer relationships.

Invoicing and payments

The platform facilitates the creation of invoices directly from job reports, making the billing process smoother and faster. It also integrates with various payment systems, allowing for convenient and quick payment collection from clients.

Compliance and safety management

For pest control companies that must adhere to strict industry regulations and safety standards, Pest Register/Mira provides tools to ensure compliance. It helps you maintain the necessary documentation and follow the correct procedures for each service.

Real-time updates and notifications

The software offers real-time updates and notifications, keeping both technicians and customers informed about job statuses, scheduling changes, and other critical information. This feature betters communication and improves the overall service experience.

Customisable forms

With Mira, you can create custom forms tailored to your specific needs, such as inspection reports, service agreements, and safety checklists. This flexibility ensures that all relevant data is captured and stored efficiently.

Integration capabilities

It integrates with accounting and CRM packages.

Fieldwork software: Reporting Systems Australia

URL: reportsystemsportal.com
Pricing: From a $44 a month*

Free trial available? Yes

In a nutshell: A complete reporting system for the professional pest manager and pre-purchase inspector.

Provides a comprehensive suite of features designed to support professional pest managers and pre-purchase inspectors in streamlining their operations and enhancing their service offerings. The key features include:

Integrated agreements

This functionality streamlines the process of creating and managing service agreements with clients, ensuring all contractual details are easily accessible and well organised.

Report access

Users gain access to a variety of reports that can be customised to meet specific client needs or industry standards, enabling thorough and professional reporting for pest management and pre-purchase inspections.

Knowledge base

A valuable resource for pest managers and inspectors, the knowledge base contains detailed information and guidelines on various aspects of pest management, assisting professionals in staying informed about best practices and industry standards.

Bookings management

The system offers tools for efficiently scheduling and managing bookings, allowing businesses to optimise their operations and enhance customer service by ensuring appointments are well-coordinated and timely.

Multiple technicians management

For businesses employing more than one technician, this feature facilitates easy management of staff schedules, job assignments, and performance tracking, all from within the same platform.

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