Professional Indemnity Insurance

Rapid Solutions specialises in quality professional indemnity insurance for property services businesses with activities including: 


Urban pest and weed control, building inspections, agricultural pest and weed control, handyman and cleaning services, fumigation, lawn/garden/tree care and more.



Covers you for claims of breach of duty, loss of or damage to documents, and more.


Defamation, Libel
& Slander

Provides cover if you are found legally liable for unintentional libel, slander

or defamation.



Covers you for theft of monies as a result of a dishonest and/or fraudulent act by an employee.

In-House Claims Service

Our in-house claims team will personally support you and manage your claims for total peace of mind.



Provides protection for claims against previous work, in the event you sell or cease business operations.


Expert Industry

Every Rapid Solutions client has access to our unrivalled industry support.

Your Questions Answered

Professional indemnity insurance is designed for businesses that provide advice or a service to customers. It protects you and your staff against claims for damages, and the resulting costs, sought by third parties in relation to your advice/service. A claim may arise out of an act, omission or breach of professional duty (eg. negligence) in the course of your business.

If you cease to run your business or sell it, it is recommended that you take ‘run-off’ cover, a type of professional indemnity insurance that generally has a reduced premium compared to standard professional indemnity insurance. This type of cover will protect you in the event a third party claims against you once you are no longer in business.

Yes, you can take professional indemnity insurance on its own (rather than alongside general liability insurance). However, it is recommended that you take both professional indemnity and public liability so your business is protected by much stronger coverage. Otherwise, you could potentially leave yourself vulnerable in the event of a claim.

Business owners can choose between different limits for their insurance policy coverage (i.e. the dollar limit of claim-related costs that will be covered by the insurer). Rapid Solutions can offer various limits of cover for professional indemnity insurance, with the minimum being $500,000. The higher the limit, the higher the insurance premium. When considering cover limits, it is recommended that you consider a number of factors including the nature of your business, size of your business including turnover and size of clients you provide advice/service too.

Retroactive cover provides insurance protection for business activities you undertook prior to the commencement of your current policy. If you are changing your policy over from a different insurer to Rapid Solutions and want complete coverage for past work then you need to seek retroactive cover from the date that your existing insurance commenced (the ‘retroactive date’). We can offer retroactive cover to clients – this is considered on an individual basis and takes into account your insurance history.

Rapid Solutions provides property services business owners with a holistic insurance offering, thanks in part to our long-standing partnerships with carefully selected specialist insurers. This includes Business Pack, PestShield Motor Vehicle Insurance, and General Property Insurance.

If you would like to make a change to your policy or request your policy be cancelled, please contact our customer service team.


Our customer service team is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm AEST. Please call 1300 309 169 or email [email protected]

You can lodge a claim online by completing a claims form here.


If you would like to inquire about or lodge a claim, please contact our in-house claims team. They will support you throughout the process and work to achieve a positive resolution.


Our claims team is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm AEST. Please call 1300 309 169 or email claims@rapidsolutions.com.au

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