Timber Pest Inspector

Study Type

Blended Delivery (Online & Workplace)

Course Duration

Up to 4 months

Or 45 nominal hours


Course Fee

$1,350 full-fee

Designed For

Experienced pest technicians
Building inspectors


Units of Competency

  • CPPUPM3008 Inspect and report on timber pests

The non-accredited supplementary module ‘Control Timber Pests’ will also be required to be completed for this course. This theory only module is designed to support a student’s understanding of the control and application methods used to treat timber pests, which will assist students identifying prior treatments when inspecting properties.

Course Outcome

Upon course completion, students will be issued a Statement of Attainment for the unit of competency CPPUPM3008, and a Statement of Participation for the completed module on Timber Pest Controls.


The Timber Pest Inspector course will help students obtain liability insurance coverage and any required licensing through your state’s licencing authority (excluding QLD & WA) and your preferred insurer. Please consult with these entities prior to enrolment and upon completion.

Mode of Assessment

All units are assessed individually through the online portal, and consist of:

  • Theory Assessment
  • Practical Video Assessments
  • Logbook

Course Entry

All students must have:

Work Placement

To ensure our students can apply their training in an industry environment, Rapid Training requires all students to either be employed or have pre-arranged & documented work placement*, under an accredited Timber Pest Inspector.


During the placement the student must complete a logbook of:

  1. 10 timber pest inspections.


*The Work Placement Agreement form, from the licensed/accredited technician must be provided during enrolment to confirm work placement.

Training, Resources and Support

All required course materials are contained on our online training portal comprising of interactive and engaging content. To provide additional support & reference, it is recommended that students purchase the textbook: “Australian Termites” and have access to the Australian Standards for Timber Pest Inspection.


Students will receive access to fortnightly live webinars, hosted by our industry trainers, covering a range of course topics, with time for Q&A. Ongoing support, assistance or guidance on our course material or assignments, is available to students through our weekly Tuesday virtual ‘Student Support Hour’ sessions (hosted by one of our trainers) or via direct email. 

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Timber Pest Inspector Course Information

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