Reporting Insights

Study Type


Course Duration

Up to 4 weeks

Or 4 nominal hours


Course Fee

$180 full-fee

Designed For

Pest managers

Building inspectors


Course Outcome

This non-accredited short course focuses on information needed in the report to provide an accurate and detailed description of your inspection observations. This course focuses on the information the report needs to provide about the inspection, the words used, the types of recommendations and information you need to provide about the property and the types of things you do not report on.


You will learn about:

  • Report purpose and responsibility
  • Report language and context
  • the 4 W’s in practice
  • Report do’s and don’ts
  • Report guides

Mode of Assessment

Assessment of this short course consists of short multiple-choice tests, through the online portal.

Training, Resources and Support

All required course materials are contained on our online training portal comprising of interactive and engaging content. Students also have access to trainers for additional assistance or direction.

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