Report Writing with rapid inspect

Rapid Inspect is the newest report writing app designed for pest and building inspectors. Download Rapid Inspect for free today and make reporting simple and compliant.




Are your business items covered?

Insurance for items your business uses is another great product available from Rapid Solutions. Get cover for your tools, vehicles and property.


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making an insurance claim is illustrated by two people's hands signing a document
Industry Insights

Making an insurance claim: What you need to know

You might not have had experience with making an insurance claim in the past so you’re nervous about your first time. Or, you may’ve made one so long ago that you’re uncertain of the best steps forward these days. We get it. We’re here to

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get the best business insurance for 2021 to protect yourself
Industry Insights

Best Business Insurance Checklist for the New Year

If you own a business which uses chemicals, you’re used to wearing a mask. Before COVID-19 could you imagine that people would be wearing masks just to buy groceries? The pandemic shows us we should plan for the unexpected. Which is why you need the

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working on the go is easy for this woman
Business Management

Working On The Go With These A+ Apps

Working on the go – as every property services worker does at some point – comes with some great perks. Not to mention greater efficiencies for businesses that due to their nature require lots of kilometres. You get plenty of time to yourself on the

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general liability insurance is something this man enjoys having
Industry Insights

What is General Liability Insurance – and Do You Need It?

What is general liability insurance? What does it cover? Do you even need it? General liability insurance is often overlooked by small business owners in particular. Because the world of business insurance can be complicated and overwhelming, it is easy to brush it off and

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