Report Writing with rapid inspect

Rapid Inspect is the newest report writing app designed for pest and building inspectors. Download Rapid Inspect for free today and make reporting simple and compliant.




Are your business items covered?

Insurance for items your business uses is another great product available from Rapid Solutions. Get cover for your tools, vehicles and property.


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Meet the Rapid Solutions Team and find out why we use insurance brokers AKA Rapid Brokers.
Business Management

Insurance Brokers and Rapid Solutions – Did You Know?

Insurance brokers have been around for decades and are readily used by many small, medium and large businesses. There are many reasons for this, all of them beneficial for the business owner. This article delves into why people use them and why Rapid Solutions often

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This pest controller is using the Rapid Inspect app for report writing in real-time.
Business Management

Clear & Rapid Reporting: An App + the 4Ws

In building your business success, communication is key. So, it’s important your pest and building inspection reports are accurate and simple to understand. You want rapid reporting and the customer wants a clearly written report. Plus, your report writing needs to be compliant with Australia

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A sample from urban pest control expert, Jay Turner's collection.
Rapid Training

Interview with Urban Pest Control Expert, Jay Turner

Jay Turner is an award-winning urban pest control expert. He’s also a Rapid Training trainer, teaching our accredited courses in pest management. We interviewed Jay to find out what motivated him to become an urban pest control manager, and what he loves about his job. Story

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bees gathering on wood
Industry Insights

All About Bee Removal

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in queries related to bee removal and how to go about this. As bees and their contribution to the ecosystem are increasingly covered extensively by global media, Australians increasingly want to remove bees without harming them. And rightly so. To

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