Upskill Your Pest and Building Management Team with Rapid Training’s Short Courses

A laptop with the words "Join us online" is an invitation to all aspiring and professional pest controllers and building management professionals to take the Rapid Solutions short online courses

Want the competitive edge in business? Rapid Training offers short online courses that can give your staff and business that point of differentiation, an extra advantage when you’re competing for business and dealing with customers. And the training is simple – you or your employees can easily complete a short online course in pest control, reporting, servicing / scheduling and more, anywhere, anytime. 

One of the many benefits of the online courses available through Rapid Training is that you can do them at your own pace. This means you can slot your learning in between jobs and you won’t have to lose out on valuable work and income. Just remember that most Rapid Training online short courses need to be completed at your own pace within a four week time limit (hence them being deemed ‘short!).

Find out more about the benefits of doing these accredited and non-accredited courses.

What are the Rapid Training short courses?

Investing in upskilling staff across pest and building service delivery, customer management and more, not only develops them as key contributors to your business growth, it helps grow their loyalty to your business. Rapid’s short online courses offer these features and attributes:

  • Self-paced learning
  • Affordable fees
  • No entry requirements (for those wanting to enter the profession or professionals wanting to freshen up their knowledge)
  • Choose between accredited and non-accredited courses 
  • Gain the reward of completion over a short period of time
  • Everything is online, so you don’t need to travel to learn
  • Rapid Solutions policyholders get a 10% discount
  • Previous Rapid Training graduates (who’ve completed a course in the last 12 months) get a 10% discount
  • Tests are done as online multiple choice quizzes

Read interviews with graduates from Rapid Training online courses to find out what it’s like studying with us. Also read our interview with Rebel Pest Professionals on the benefits of upskilling your staff.

A pair of pesties take an online assessment for Rapid Solutions Insurance training in General Pest Management

What short online courses does Rapid Training offer?

With Rapid Training, you can choose between a selection of short online courses for pest management, timber pest management and building inspection businesses. 

Take a look at an overview of each short online course:

1. General Pest Refresher

Rapid Training’s short online course in General Pest Basics equips you with the basic expertise needed for pest control. It’s designed for pest controllers, technicians and those wanting to join the profession for the first time. The course offers useful and informative information that’s important to learn or refresh one’s knowledge on.

Here are some of the skills you’ll come away with:

  • Understanding pest control. The General Pest Basics short online course covers how to identify all sorts of pests, like fleas, rodents and cockroaches, to name a few. You’ll learn about effective pest treatment methods and pest management approaches.
  • Understanding pesticides and equipment usage. Another important learning area of the General Pest Basics short online course is using pesticides and equipment correctly. You’ll learn about a range of pesticides, pesticide labels and safety measures. And you’ll find out which equipment to use and when, as well as how to store it properly and keep it well maintained.
  • Customer service. Getting customer service right can hugely impact your business success. People like to hire pest controllers who communicate well, share easy to understand reports and are respectful and punctual. It builds their trust, making them more likely to use your services again, give your company a good review and refer you to someone else. This short online course teaches you about best practises for customer service.

Find out more about the benefits of the General Pest Basics short online course – or, if you’re ready, get enrolled!

A young Australian man is studying a Rapid Solutions Insurance building management short online course to upskill and improve his work profile

2. Customer Management and Scheduling Operations

In our short online course on Service & Scheduling Basics, students learn a variety of essential skills tailored for top-notch customer care and interaction. This includes effective responses to customer inquiries and how to effectively respond to and manage customer complaints with care to protect your company and your customer. How you manage complaints can help protect your pest or building management business from unwanted legal claims. Read our insurance case study article that looks at several legal cases.

The course also covers the nuts and bolts of scheduling and allocating pest control tasks and organizing equipment and materials efficiently while keeping budget and staffing needs in mind. Plus, you’ll also learn how to handle and bridge skill gaps your staff may have, by facilitating their training needs. This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in service and scheduling roles. The goal is to make students ready to take on the challenges of the job with confidence and professionalism.

Enrol in the Service & Scheduling Basics short online course or find out more about what you gain by taking it.

3. Timber Pest Refresher

Timber pest management is an industry that is very much needed in Australia, given our warm and often wet climate. Damage from termites and other timber pests can cause huge financial damage to homes and businesses. If you’re thinking of joining this profession – great move! You might want to read about how to start a pest management business.

The Timber Pest Basics short online course gives you the general and specific knowledge needed to attract customers and inspire their trust. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to manage and control timber pests, like termites. Topics range from how these pests can affect the health and safety of people and the environment to applying best practices in pest control and management.

You’ll upskill on assessing timber pest activity, making and monitoring timber pest management plans, and effective customer reporting. Read why this is crucial in our termite management plans article. As with the General Pest Basics short online course, this one teaches you how to correctly choose and use chemicals and other materials and equipment needed in timber pest control.

Want to enrol today? Find out more about the Timber Pest Basics course and get started.

A women pest inspector sits at a coffee shop while upskilling on her laptop with a Rapid Solutions short online course in timber pest control

4. Reporting Skills Toolkit for Pest Control and Building Management

Imagine that when it comes to skills you’re the best around town for pest control, building management, or similar. However, your customers have no idea because your reporting isn’t up to scratch. Proper reporting is key to being a quality service provider in helping your customers better understand their needs and the possible solutions they must opt from. Importantly, it’s also a record of your work and communication. It’s proof that you’re taking all steps necessary to recognise and solve your customers’ issues.

The Rapid Training short online course on Reporting Insights gives you the toolkit to document and report inspection observations. This includes guidelines on the type of information you need to include (or not), terminology to use and how to make recommendations to customers.

Reporting well helps you secure a customer base and grow your business’s reputation – it’s extremely valuable.

Find out more or get enrolling in Rapid Training’s Reporting Insights short online course.

Building a business and getting an insurance safety net

Whether you have a pest control or building management business, upskilling staff with the Rapid Training short online courses can make your team better at their jobs. This obviously helps your business to thrive in opening up opportunities and promoting positive word of mouth.

Just starting a business? Here’s more on how to become a pest and building inspector in Australia. Pair that with a short course to really get you going.

You should also be aware that protecting your business with general liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance is important. It can give you financial protection against legal claims, damages and more.

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