Interview with Rapid Training Pest Control Graduates, Sheri and Steve

Sheri works as a pest controller with Laguna Pest Control

Pest control online training courses weren’t always in high demand; there were peaks and troughs. But then COVID happened. Suddenly distance working and learning became far more popular – and necessary! Thanks to more than two decades of experience, Rapid Training was ready for the boom in students the pandemic brought with it. We were already established as experienced providers of online blended online pest control training courses.

As industry leaders, that put us in a good position to offer new and experienced pest controllers the support they needed in a way that suits them.

To uncover a first-hand perspective on the blended online courses from Rapid Training (the training arm of Rapid Solutions), we spoke to two recent graduates about everything from highlights to challenges and beyond. Sheri and Steve recently completed accredited courses through Rapid Training and have furthered their pest control careers as a result.

Find out more about their experience.

Choosing a provider for pest control blended online training courses

Rapid Training has a longstanding history of industry experience, but it’s not the only provider offering pest control blended online training courses. So why did Steve and Sheri choose Rapid Training to get their qualifications?

My boss recommended Rapid and he did his training through them as well. Although that was a long time ago and he was in the classroom, so it was a different experience. I looked at Rapid Training and I liked what it offered and its flexibility so that’s why I went with Rapid.

– Steve, Rapid Training graduate

Sheri works for one of the Rapid Training lecturers, Jay Turner, who also runs a pest control company (although he wasn’t Sheri’s teacher). Jay knows optimising employee efficiency through Rapid Training accredited and short courses helps your team and your business grow. Read our interview with Jay, a urban pest control expert with a great industry reputation.

A Rapid student studies pest control online training courses

Rapid Training blended online pest control courses allow me to work full-time

Steve says, “The flexibility of Rapid Training is great because you can do it at any time. I had to do it after hours since I was working and that’s why it appealed to me. I could do it in my own time and at my own pace. When I had time I could obviously work ahead and do more. Whereas if you’re in the classroom, you might be held back a bit or have to stick to the pacing of the class and the teacher.”

Besides the ease of flexibility and online availability, there were also challenges. As Steve explains, “It was hard at times. I’ve done all my previous training in the classroom so I’ve never studied this way before and it was quite new to me.”

Similarly, Sheri says, “Not having deadlines during the course (just an end deadline for the whole course) and finding that motivation to make time when I’m busy was a challenge.” Still, the benefits far outweighed any hurdles.

Studying online is definitely very helpful. If you’re working like me – I work full time and I’m a mum and my husband’s FIFO, I can study whenever I want. Which is what I found the best.

– Sheri, Rapid Training graduate

What to expect from Rapid Training blended online pest control courses

Sheri says getting licenced as a pest controller was just one of the many benefits of these blended online pest control training courses.

“With the full Certificate III in Urban Pest Management you learn so much more than just pest control. It sets you up to be able to manage your own company because it teaches you all the different aspects of the business, not just the technical side of things.

– Sheri, Rapid Training graduate

“It teaches you how to schedule jobs, maintain and repair equipment, handle customer complaints and so much more. I really loved the case studies where you get to pick a pest and do a research project on it. People may think pest control is just going out and spraying a chemical but you’re actually taught all about the life cycle of those insects. You learn about their habits so that you can manage and remove them, at times without having to use any chemicals. To do this, you get down to exploring them at a biological and scientific level.

I’ve changed my whole career since doing the blended online timber pest inspector courses. I was a building supervisor previously and now I’m a building and pest inspector.”

– Steve, Rapid Training graduate

Steve also says he’s grateful to the boss that recommended Rapid Training to him: “I’m still learning the ropes and it’s great that I’ve got him for advice. He’s put a lot of time and effort into training me and he’s a great mentor.”

pest technician studying the Rapid Training pest control online training courses

Online learning and communication for urban pest management

Sheri says, “The Rapid Training blended online pest control courses are really quite detailed and thorough. It’s not just a week, where you do a few courses and get your ticket. It took me nearly two years to get through. There’s a lot of learning, which I think is really important with pest control and timber pests. Besides reading, there are lots of videos to watch that are very helpful.”

Sheri and Steve both say that communicating with the trainers and the office team was easy and convenient. Balancing work and study meant both had to apply for extensions for the final deadline – they found the office team helpful and supportive during this process. When it comes to communicating with trainers, there are several options to choose from, including online messaging, email, phone and an online support group that’s scheduled at certain periods. You just log in and one of the trainers is there answer questions from the group.

Your selection of blended online pest control training courses

If you’re interested in traineeships for pest controllers and how to access them for yourself or your employees, find out more about individual courses. We offer a full range of accredited courses. We also offer a selection of short courses that increase your skills and earn you a certificate of participation.

Here’s the Rapid Training selection:


SHORT COURSES (Non-Accredited)

Whether you’re starting your own business or hoping to optimise your downtime with training, Rapid Training online pest control courses can help you achieve these goals.

Sheri on the job doing pest control work

Why have insurance for your pest control business?

Having the right skills and expertise are paramount to your success if you run your own pest control business. Rapid Training blended online pest control courses are designed to help you achieve your business goals. Rapid Solutions helps to do so too, supporting you in protecting your business’s finances with insurance.

Depending on which state you’re in, having insurance is not only a legal requirement, your company also needs to be protected, so it’s very valuable.

– Steve, Rapid Training graduate

If you’re not sure how insurance helps safeguard your business read these handy guides:

Your professional indemnity and general liability insurance policies are a valuable investment if any damage occurs to property or people in the course of your work. Contact Rapid Solutions today to put this safeguard in place.