Service & Scheduling Basics

Study Type


Course Duration

Self-paced, up to 4 weeks or 6 nominal hours


Course Fee

$195 full-fee

Designed For

Students who handle client enquiries, complaints, and Scheduling operations.


Course Outcome

Whether you work in the pest control office, or a manager, everyone can use this course develop or improve their skills in improving client satisfaction through effective and efficient communication and scheduling.

In this theory only course you will learn or refresh your knowledge on:

  1. Client Care & Interaction
  2. Responding to client enquiries
  3. Investigating and documenting complaints
  4. Responding to client complaints
  5. Scheduling and allocating pest control work
  6. Organising equipment and materials within budget and staffing constraints
  7. Facilitating training and assessment opportunities for staff to address skill gaps and training needs. 

Mode of Assessment

Assessment of this short course consists of multiple-choice quizzes, based on the lessons, both completed in our online portal.

Training, Resources and Support

All required course materials are contained in our online training portal, comprising of interactive an engaging content. Students also have access to trainers for additional assistance or direction.

New Course Enrolment Offer

Who is eligible for a discount on this course? And, how?

  1. Current Rapid Solutions policyholders – during enrolment apply code: RAPIDINS
  2. Rapid Training graduates (study completed in past 12 months) – during enrolment apply code: RTGRAD

Terms & Conditions:

  • Discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, discounts, or coupons
  • Discount applies to new full priced enrolments only
  • Discount will only be applied once eligibility is assessed and confirmed
  • Discounts are not eligible on CPP30119 or RPL courses

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