Optimise your downtime with training

consider training in your downtime

We know times are uncertain for property services workers due to the global pandemic and resulting government restrictions implemented across Australia.

Some Rapid Solutions clients are experiencing a downturn in work and are revisiting their incomings and outgoings, while others are grasping opportunities such as expanding into cleaning services.

Even if you’re not interested in broadening your business activities over the next few months, think about upgrading your skillset now. Especially if you have more time on your hands. Upskilling will help ensure you’re making the most of your business potential in this challenging period and beyond.

With ‘non-essential’ travel something to think very carefully about before embarking upon, online training is a sound choice to make. Thankfully, Rapid Training already offers a complete online solution (one of the few that does), with a range of straightforward, flexible online courses at your fingertips.

And our professional trainers are available anytime to answer questions.

Courses at your fingertips

Consider… Should you get your pest technician licence ahead of the summer peak season? There may even be extra work opportunities now – we’ve heard many people working from home are finally noticing the need for pest control.

We all know work gets busier from September onwards when it comes to timber pests. Maybe it’s time to undertake a timber pest manager course?

Or, perhaps your office managers or office staff need to improve their knowledge of pest management? It might also be a suitable time for your team to finetune their reporting insights.

And on second thoughts, maybe it really is worthwhile undertaking some infection control cleaning training?

Rapid Training has more than two decades of experience in running simple yet high quality courses, so we understand what you need.

One of our recent students, Benjamin Digby from City Coast Pest Solutions, said: “Best online training available. Easy to understand and submit with the online student portal.”

Find out more about our range of training courses here.