Why You Need Effective Business Systems and Processes

Business systems and processes that are tailored to your unique operation is something you need to put time, energy and focus into. Getting this area of your business right is extremely important to get things running in an organised, consistent and easily repeatable way.

When followed correctly by everyone on your payroll, executing the business’s day to day tasks via standardised ways of doing things can significantly reduce the mistakes made by the team and speed up the completion of activities.

Which sounds like a great way to save money and a lot of frustration, right? It’s also a great way to safeguard your business from an insurance claim made because something wasn’t done correctly.

If matched with intelligent customer service strategies and the right training, the overall effect on your enterprise can be eye-opening. You’ll wonder what you ever did without a range of clever, usually digitalised, solutions to help you manage your workflows.

Lead generation, payroll, operations, inventory and workforce management are all examples of systems that may run in a pest control business. Here’s a look at what systems and processes are and how to use them effectively.

What are business processes?

Systems and processes are two different things and both are important to your business.

A process is a set of steps that you apply to ensure you/your team successfully complete any business activity that needs to be done more than once. For instance, you would have a process you follow for applying an effective termite management plan to a building. This may include conducting an initial inspection, identifying any visible evidence of pests, analysing why the pest is in that environment, writing up a pest identification and treatment plan, discussing it with the customer, selecting and applying the pest control treatment, taking preventative action in other ways, then undertaking regular inspections of the premises (and additional treatments if need be) after the initial treatment has been completed.

Processes allow you to improve the effectiveness of your business through a reliable sequence of steps. Within those steps will be smaller workflows that ensure each step of the process is executed efficiently and effectively. For instance, inspecting a property will involve certain actions that must be done in sequence to get the best outcome you’re seeking. You’ll want a clear process in place to make sure each task is always done in the same way, no matter who does it.

As mentioned, this also helps you avoid paying out in the instance of someone making a termite management insurance claim or other insurance claim against your business. If you’ve ticked all the boxes in your finely-honed process you’ll ensure each step is carried out as per best practice, potentially reducing your risk of missing something.

A page from a book with the word "steps" highlighted. It may be talking about the importance of business systems and processes

What are business systems?

A system is a set of processes, people, technologies and interfaces put together to complete a business activity.

For example, consider an online job booking system… What that system likely does when it moves into action is ask which technologies this process needs to work, which people need to be involved, what processes need to be put in play, and so on. It will also prescribe how this part of the business will interact with other parts of the business. For instance, how will your bookings process speak to your staff roster?

Systems are there to improve the efficiency of a business, by tying together different processes and other business elements to ensure everything is well-connected. An intelligent system that puts into play all the key factors needed for a strong outcome means a better business performance.

If something in the business isn’t being done fast enough, there are errors, or something else is falling through the cracks, you need to delve into the system involved. Look through the interfaces between all your processes and find what’s missing.

Why are business systems and processes important?

Why is it so important to have well thought-out systems and processes in your business?


If business systems and processes are running efficiently in your business, you can effectively step away from it without things falling apart. Spending more time working on your business rather than in it allows for growth in so many ways. As a business owner, it frees up your time and energy to focus on more high value tasks such as strategic thinking and innovation.

Staff retention

When your team has a clear understanding of what’s expected of them at each point in their daily activities, they’re more likely to perform well. They have a much better grasp of what they need to do, when, and of where others team members fit. Plus, you’ll see better staff retention. Job satisfaction is higher when there are effective business systems and processes in play.


Having clear systems and processes – especially when documented – also makes it easier to teach new staff coming into the business. They much more easily understand what you expect of the team, what their individual role entails and how their actions affect others and the business.

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Business systems and processes as a company asset

You’re also creating a valuable asset for your business. If you ever want to sell, you’ll be able to boast about the existing infrastructure of systems and processes that a newcomer can easily plug into. You’re making it much easier for a new owner and their team to hit the ground running.

Better business breeds confidence

Having a better control of your business breeds confidence within you. Instead of scrambling to put fires out regularly, you’ll see your business running more efficiently. You’ll also be able to spot and manage problems much earlier. When you don’t have to constantly manage and control every business move, you can play more of an overseeing rule.

Then there’s customer confidence – a well run business produces better results for its customers. If they had to choose between the services of a business that runs things in a haphazard manner or one that’s professional in its approach to business systems and processes which do you think they’d choose?

A desk with post-its, plans and a laptop, this may be a scene where business systems and processes are being mapped out.

Insurance for things you can’t plan for

Despite the best business systems and processes, accidents and other unexpected events may still occur when running your business. No matter how tight a ship you run. Rapid Solutions offers the pest control and building services sector cost-effective Professional Indemnity Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Vehicle and other Business Insurance to cover you for all kinds of business activities.

If something does go wrong during a job, you’ll want to have the right cover to safeguard your business. You’ll also need an experienced insurance provider on your side. No business owner wants to take a hit that could cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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