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TimberSecure for Pest Managers

TimberSecure is a no fault insurance policy not a product warranty, that requires minimal paperwork whilst giving you a competitive edge.


TimberSecure is a termite insurance policy that supports you in gaining and retaining clients. It helps you provide a comprehensive service to your clients that other pest managers cannot offer them. It requires policy holders to follow your inspection recommendations and can result in significant premium discounts. 

Once you have installed a treatment, your clients can purchase a TimberSecure Termite Insurance policy giving them the peace of mind of knowing that their home is protected against attack from termites.

The policy allows for a range of treatment options and property types. In certain circumstances it can even apply to systems installed years earlier. All inspections and treatments must comply with Australian Standard 3660 Termite Management.

It covers the home owner with up to $100,000 for timber replacement if termite damage occurs. For a single policy payment of $420 (inclusive of all government charges) the homeowner is covered for 5 years.

During the 5 year policy period the homeowner must have the recommended termite inspections carried out. These inspections are organised between yourself and your client. The insurance policy is between your client and Pacific International. You don't have to worry about completing extra termite or insurance paperwork.

A brochure to give to your clients is available for download or you can order hard copies from our online store.

What are the benefits?

For a Pest Manager

  1. No excess payment required
  2. Protects your no claims bonus
  3. No claims recorded for your PI insurance
  4. Allows for a range of treatment options
  5. Treatment to AS3660 required
  6. Provides a competitive edge
  7. No complicated paperwork
  8. Easy to sell

For a Home Owner

  1. No fault for a fully installed AS 3660 system;
  2. Deal direct with the insurer -
    1. Protection: if pest company no longer trading
    2. Protection: if pest company no longer insured
  3. No expensive legal costs
  4. Does not alter existing consumer rights
  5. Can be transferred with the sale of a property
  6. 1-off payment - policy coverage for 5 years

Premium Discounts Available

Did you know that by your customers purchasing a TimberSecure Policy it becomes a discount for your premium?

The below table outlines a few examples of the possible discount you could have applied throughout your policy year.



FAQ's for Pest Managers

Where is the application form and PDS?

What needs to be submitted to apply for the TimberSecure policy?

  1. Inspection Report
  2. Certificate of Treatment
  3. Completed and signed Application Form
  4. Payment

Can the Pest Manager pay for the insurance policy on behalf of the home owner (i.e. include it in the overall price)?

Yes, however, the home owner needs to sign the Application Form.

What obligations are policy holders required to meet?

Full details of policy holder obligations can be found in the PDS & FSG, these include the following:

  • The policy holder is required to have the property inspected regularly, in accordance with the Pest Manager’s recommendations; and
  • Where the property is protected by a chemical soil treatment, an application of a new chemical treatment is required every five years, regardless of the life expectancy of the product (as shown on label); or
  • Products with a life expectancy of less than Five years, must be re-treated at the end of its life expectancy

Will the Pest Manager be advised if their clients takes out a policy?


What correspondence is sent to the homeowner if they take out a policy?

  1. Covering letter;
  2. PDS & FSG; and,
  3. Policy Schedule
  4. Credit card payment receipt if applicable

How is an extension to a property considered?

This is covered by the PDS & FSG at "Your Obligations" clause 5 (f).

What’s the difference between TimberSecure and Professional Indemnity insurance?

  1. Professional Indemnity insurance protects the insured against claims for professional negligence where fault has to be established by the claimant. Professional Indemnity Insurance covers all legal liability flowing from the negligence covered by the terms of the policy.
  2. TimberSecure is a no fault policy limited to the cost of replacing termite damaged timber.