Pest and Building Report Writing Made Easy with Rapid Inspect

Pest and building report writing with Rapid Inspect Report Writing App

Creating a quality pest and building report can be a time-consuming process due to the many elements to be ticked off so it complies with Australian Standards. Doing it right the first time helps protect pest control businesses getting hit with an insurance claim down the track.

Enter Rapid Inspect, Rapid Solutions’ real time reporting app. Available for free, the app has just undergone a substantial update that makes it even more user friendly.

New features have been designed to respond to feedback from users who saw areas for improvement and enhancement. You spoke, we listened.

Create pest and building reports on the job

Ever made notes for a report during a pest and building inspection then tried to complete the report offsite? Most pest managers and building inspectors know the potential complications of trying to read notes post-inspection or rely on memory. Or even worse, another team member having to interpret your notes or try to read your mind when completing a report.

Creating a pest and building report via real-time reporting is the modern way to do business. It is quicker, easier and less stressful to complete reports in this fashion. Most importantly, it can go a long way to ensuring you won’t encounter an insurance claim from a customer later.

Of course, reporting on the job also needs to work hand in hand with all the right pre-purchase inspection report techniques.

New functionality makes reporting even better

Always open to ways it can enhance its service to customers, Rapid Solutions has worked hard to make its Rapid Inspect app bigger and better.

Now, the app provides a fully comprehensive suite of all the reporting templates pest and building inspectors need to create customer reports. New features include:

  • Inspect mode – take photos and upload them immediately to a report as you move throughout the job site
  • Sketch function – to draw site maps and diagrams on the go, for inclusion in the report

The easy to follow reporting templates have been enhanced further with quality and compliance front of mind. Plus, they now result in personalised reports that contain users’ company branding.

Access an in-field pest and building report from the office

Impressively, the latest Rapid Inspect update enables anyone in the team to access a pest and building report back at the office from a desktop computer. Even as the report is being created.

This is a useful way to keep track of the progress people in the field are making throughout the day. This helps keep operations moving along quickly.

In with the old, out with the new

Rapid Solutions is so confident in the functionality of Rapid Inspect and the way it fits clients’ needs that it will soon replace Report Writer.

Using Rapid Inspect will help pest managers and building inspectors ensure they create comprehensive reports that are compliant with Australian Standards. This is something Rapid Solutions is very familiar with.

Why not try it out and help yourself avoid costly insurance claims?

Rapid Inspect is available now on both Apple and Android. Need support in familiarising yourself with it? The Rapid Solutions team is available Monday to Friday to offer a helping hand. You can contact the team from 9am to 5pm via 1300 309 169.