Government Initiatives for Training: An Interview

government incentives for training are being enjoyed by this man

As property services businesses grow and mature, training is a cornerstone for operational health. Of course, quality training often comes at a cost – so it pays to understand what Federal Government initiatives are available for training.

This video was created by Rapid Training trainer and CPR Pest Management Services owner Kylie Enwright, to answer common questions business owners have about this topic. She speaks with Jeffrey Cooke from Apprenticeship Support Australia.

Kerrie Undery, RTO Manager at Rapid Training, says the top two takeaways for employers from pest management and other property services businesses are:

  1. Federal traineeships incentives are accessible by any Australian employer with a permanent worker enrolled under a full and accredited qualification. These Government initiatives for training can assist in supporting employers with paying RTO course fees.
  2. NSW trainees may be eligible to also receive their RTO course fees subsided by the NSW State Government. This allows employers to retain the federal incentives.

As you can see from the video there are some great incentives employers can take advantage of. Consider all your options today when it comes to Government initiatives for training, as they could make a significant difference to your business now and in the future.

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