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Rapid Solutions (Rapid Training Pty Ltd*) is a Registered Training Organisation in Australia that specialises in training for the Pest & Termite Management and Building Inspections.

We provide accredited workshops and training packages endorsed by the Department of Education & Training for these industries. Our courses can be undertaken online through our E-Learning Centre or by full distance education. Distance education has the option of being combined with a face to face workshop. 

We offer a variety of workshops and also develop, on request, individual training for industry associations, individual businesses and councils based on their needs.

We can train and assess in any part of Australia or even abroad, as we are committed to improving our customers access to our training through new training and presentation methods that utilise some of the most up to the minute communication technologies.

*Rapid Training Pty Ltd (ABN 87 055 149 427) operates under the trading name Rapid Solutions.

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