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TimberSecure for Home Owners

TimberSecure is a five year termite insurance policy designed to give you complete peace of mind following the installation of an approved termite management system.


What is TimberSecure?

It's an insurance policy that homeowners can purchase after having a full termite treatment installed.

It provides peace of mind by offering $100,000 for timber replacement if termite damage occurs. For a single policy payment of $420 (inclusive of all government charges) you will be covered for 5 years.

During the 5 year policy period you must have the recommended termite inspections carried out. These inspections are organised between you and your technician. The insurance policy is between you and Pacific International. 

Benefits for you

  • Five year coverage from installation date of approved termite management system
  • Covers timber damage to the value of $100,000
  • You pay no excess
  • Policy is fully transferable to the new owners if the home is sold
  • Regular inspections of your home are required

All inspections and treatments comply with the Australian Standard AS3660.

TimberSecure FAQ's are available here.