Why Pest Control Products Are Now Safer

safer pest control products are being used

In recent years pest control products have become safer than they used to be. Not only are they safer for use by pest controllers, but they’re also safer for use in homes, schools and other public spaces. Growing environmental and health awareness in general has seen pest control products becoming safer for human health.

Why have these advances happened? There are many reasons. For one, we’ve learned we aren’t trying to eradicate pests altogether, but rather control where they live so they don’t bother us. Secondly people are far more aware now than ever before about living healthily and that comes with expectations on pest control products and the way we pesties use them. Thirdly, we’re upping our game with newer, better, faster methods of dealing with pest biology using a scientific approach.

In short technology, information, science and our progress as industry specialists are all advancing and therefore our techniques and products have become better too. Find out more, so you can become a better pest control manager too.

An expert explains why pest control products have become safer

We spoke to Jay Turner, an award-winning master in urban pest control, to ask him why pest control products have become safer in the past few decades. Jay received a higher score in urban pest management through TAFE NMIT Victoria than any student has ever achieved and also went on to become the lecturer there.

Jay is also a trainer with  Rapid Training, our accredited pest management courses that can upskill you or your staff with accessible and engaging learning.

He says the industry is definitely changing; here’s why:

pest control products are becoming more advanced

Pest control products are developed and used more effectively

Jay says the urban pest management industry has evolved significantly in recent times. “We now use lower volumes of pesticide applications than before and take a more targeted approach.” Urban pest managers are able to use a 10th of the pest control products they used in the past with positive results.

We’re getting better at chemistry. We have better tools (products) available to us.
We’re getting smarter about targeted approach, versus the spray and pray attitude.

– Jay Turner, Rapid Training trainer

Jay says products are now better targeted to certain pest species rather than being broad spectrum. As we learn more about insect biology we’re able to target pest control products toward the biology of the different pests. This means instead of eradicating them, we can control where they live and prevent their movement into unwanted areas.

Pest control products aren’t just pesticides. Nowadays we can apply the considered approach of baiting and repelling. We can also remove harbourage sites that would otherwise attract unwanted critters.

Pest control products have evolved with public health awareness

Pest control products are following the trend around people’s health. Years ago, the public wanted to see and smell the pest control products because seeing and smelling pesticides meant the job was good, effective and was going to kill off the pests.

“People don’t want to smell or see pesticides these days because we are so much more health conscious.”

– Jay Turner

The general public these days is a lot more health conscious than they’ve ever been. People are aware that living healthily is important and this trend is clearly also reflected in the pest industry. Many customers don’t have pest control done where they live because they don’t want pesticide used in their homes. But they have pest issues and need to do something.

Knowing pesties can give clients that reassurance that they’ll use a minimal pesticide approach gives them the confidence to engage our services. Pest managers can help fix their problem and they know their house won’t be drowned in harmful pest control products.

Jay says years ago pesties would have to get customers to empty out the entire contents of their kitchen cupboards. “Then we would come in there and spray the entire kitchen cupboard. Because of understanding insect biology and having a targeted approach I haven’t done that in fifteen years” says Jay.

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