The value of upselling in pest management

Man is upselling pest management customer

In a market where attracting new customers is always challenging, it pays to find ways that utilise your existing customer base to bring in more money. Ways that differentiate your business and make the most of its potential. This articles explores upselling in pest management.

Time is Money

We know time is a precious commodity and running a business requires you to wear many hats. The question is how to improve your revenue without stretching yourself too far.

It is possible to bring in greater income without increasing your workload by any great amount. How? By working smarter and taking the opportunities that are already at your fingertips.

Let’s discuss the business growth potential in identifying sales opportunities within your existing customer database.


Opportunities to cross-sell your products to your customers are likely presenting themselves at each job. Being aware of them, and finding the time to do something about it, is the challenge.

The value to your business could very well outweigh the effort involved. After all, research by “Marketing Metrics” indicates the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. This is hugely promising when you consider the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5 – 20%.

Therefore, if you already have a solid customer base it makes sense to focus your time and energy there. On the existing relationships that you have nurtured and developed during the time that you have been in business.

Below are some simple ideas of upselling in the pest management industry:

  • Look for evidence of other pest problems at the property. For example, rodent droppings, wasp nests, bird feathers, entry points into roof, holes for possums, webs, fleas etc
  • Look for evidence of previous termite treatments and find out when the next treatment is due
  • If attending a property for a spider/cockroach spray, ask if the homeowner wants to package a termite inspection too
  • Ask for referrals verbally and in your follow up email
  • Leave business cards and/or magnets with customers and business contacts to share with their friends, family, colleagues and other contacts
  • Remind customers of everything you offer (i.e. all of your services, any free service period offered, etc).

Sure, new customer opportunities cannot be ignored. Growing your customer base is important and every new customer is vital to the on-going success of your business.

Balance out your time spent in bringing in the new and making the most of the existing, making the most of every customer’s need for your various services.

You might find upselling in pest management a relatively simple exercise that adds great value to your business.