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Video Transcript

Welcome to Rapid Training. It’s great that you have chosen to train with us. By now you would have logged on and started your training. This is a new platform of training and I hope you’ve been enjoying the elements of our newly designed course. We are here to support you in your learning and development, so if you need any assistance please contact us.

As you would have seen whilst you were working through the sections of the course, there are learning resource materials. Once you have completed the learning resources there will be a series of questions to be completed. For each set of questions, you will be required to achieve a 100% correct result. You will be allocated additional attempts until you achieve the 100% result. Please review the learning resource materials carefully and take notes, as this will assist you with your assessment questions.

At the end of each unit, there are case studies to be completed. These will take some time and effort and additional research will be required. It is recommended that you use resources books such as “Urban Pest Management in Australia” and also access the internet for reference material. Please reference where you obtained your information.

The case studies will require you to provide photos, so it is recommended that you take them while you are out on site performing real pest management work. Please don’t just copy and paste photos or reference material from the internet, as these will not be accepted.

The practical assessment will be completed by videoing various scenarios and uploading them into our e-learning system. You will be provided with a practical assessment guide and you can work through the list of videos required. Your trainer and assessor will then view your videos and provide you with feedback. By recording and uploading videos to our system, you can avoid having to wait for a suitable time with a trainer and assessor and you won’t have to travel to a central assessment centre. So please follow the video guidelines, check the quality and upload them as required.

Throughout your course, you will receive feedback from the trainer and assessor. You will be marked as either “competent” or “not yet competent”. If you are marked as “competent”, then you will not have to provide any further evidence for that component of the case study or practical assessment. If you are deemed “not yet competent”, it does not mean that you have failed. It just means that you need to provide further evidence so the trainer and assessor can ensure that you fully understand the element that you are trying to achieve.

As I mentioned earlier, if at any time you feel that you are struggling with a section, or you’re not quite sure of something, please feel free to contact us, and one of the trainers and assessors will assist you with your enquiry. We are here to support you through the course and with your learning and development.