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Our people - Kerrie Undery

Kerrie Undery is passionate about learning. In fact, she’s never stopped. With 12 years in the Vocation Education and Training (VET) industry under her belt, Kerrie worked in senior positions in several Registered Training Organisations (RTO) before joining Rapid Training in August 2018 as the RTO Manager. With a degree in Business, she’s experienced at applying her knowledge on business operations, strategy and VET compliance to help build efficient operating systems and practices.

Her experience, combined with her analytical and perceptive nature, allows Kerrie to understand the needs of industry and support students by building effective and flexible approaches to training and assessment programs.

A passionate and down to earth trainer, Kerrie also enjoys baking. First learning to bake with her grandmother, she loves not only the smell of freshly baked goods but seeing the enjoyment others take from her creations.

Kerrie’s values align well with Rapid Training’s focus on teamwork and belief in the importance of a work – life balance.

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