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Rapid Training - Course Enrolment Dates

Here's our training course intake schedule between now and the end of March next year. Make sure you enrol in the accredited course of your choice before the relevant close date.


Accredited Courses

CPP30115 Certificate III in Urban Pest Management


General Pest Management Skillset (units, 5, 6 & 18)

CPPPMT3005 Manage pests without applying pesticides

CPPPMT3006 Manage pests by applying pesticides

CPPPMT3018 Maintain equipment and pesticide storage area in pest management vehicles


Timber Pest Management (units 8,10)

CPPPMT3008 Inspect for and report on timber pests

CPPPMT3010 Control timber pests


Schedule - Intake Close Dates
Thurs 6th Dec 2018
Thurs 20th Dec 2018
Thurs 10th Jan 2019
Thurs 24th Jan 2019
Thurs 7th Feb 2019
Thurs 21st Feb 2019
Thurs 28th Feb 2019
Thurs 14th Mar 2019
Thurs 28th Mar 2019


*All courses commence the following day.

Contact Kerrie at to discuss your training needs.

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