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REMINDER: AS 3660.1-2014 Termite Management Part 1: New Building Work

From the 1st of May 2017 the above Standard replaces AS 3660.1-2000.

If you are doing Pre-construction work you should get a copy of AS 3660.1-2014 if you don't already have one. Available from Standards Australia marketing organisation SAI Global or from Rapid Solutions (Contact reception 1300 309 169) Hard Copy Cost is$190.00 plus postage for a hard copy. There are pdf versions available only from SAI Global at slightly lower cost.

If you have not already done so you need to download the new AS 3660.1-2014 Certificate of Installation from Rapid Solutions web site (Rapid Solutions clients).

If you are using Report Writer App the Certificate of Installation has been updated.

As there are significant changes to the new Standard regarding chemical treatments to concealed and in accessible areas see clause 7.1.1 you need to read this Standard. The Standard does not mention durable Notices but the NCC Vol 2 does so Durable Notices are still required.

We recommend you also download a copy of the NCC - BCA Vol 2. Free from the ABCB web site www.abcb.gov.au  you will need to register to have access. Refer to 3.1.3 Termite Risk Management.

We also recommend you read the recent article in the AEPMA MAGAZINE Dec/Jan 2017 Pest Manager titled Pest Manager TERMITES.   

We recommend you liaise with your Termite Management System supplier so that you are using products compliant with the testing Standard AS 3660.3-2014 or have been appropriately Code Marked.

We also recommend you liaise with your Builder and the Certifier for the job as to what the Certifier will sign off on.

Certificate of Installation:

  • The Certificate of Installation (Pad 3) is a new version complying with AS 3660.1-2014
  • AS 3660.1-2014 requires significantly more detail about the treatment and site to be recorded and these requirements are now incorporated into the new Pad 3 version 10.2015V1
  • AS 3660.1-2014 was published on the 5th November 2014 and a 2 year grace period for implementation was advised and extended to 31st April 2017
  • If you have old pad versions to AS 3660.1-2000 they may be used until 31st April 2017
  • Part used old Pad3's should be kept for your records and unused Pad 3's scrapped

Our Technical Department can be contacted for general advice on 1300 309 169