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Keeping Pesticide Records

Pesticide regulations in all states and territories require application records to be kept. In some states they are required by regulation to be given to the clients or certain types of clients e.g. in NSW you must keep records for at least 3 years and give a copy of the record to the client if they are a public authority or you do work on a bowling green, golf course, in agriculture, farming or forestry.

In Queensland it is mandatory to give a treatment advice/record to all clients immediately before or after the treatment (within 24 hours). You must keep records for at least 2 years.

For termite work the certificate of installation (pre-construction) and certificate of treatment (post-construction) are considered your record of treatment for this type of work.

We have noticed that some pest controllers are not making a record of termite colony control treatments. This is an offence under pest regulations. When treating live termite activity or a nest, a certificate of treatment should be completed. Rapid Solutions certificate of treatment has a colony control section for this purpose.

In Queensland you may be asked to complete a form 16 when doing pre-construction termite work. A form 16 is in addition to the certificate of installation (AS 3660.1 - 2000 or AS 3660.1-2014). The form 16 goes to the certifier for that job and might be requested by the builder or directly by the certifier.

Form 16 (available from QBCC website www.qbcc.qld.gov.au/contractors/forms-fact-sheets-publications/forms) is a Queensland Building Act document not a record of treatment as required by the pesticide regulations. Therefore a certificate of installation must also be completed, a copy kept for your records and a copy also provided to the person who requested the work.

South Australian pest regulations require records to be kept 7 years.

No matter what state or territory you work in we recommend that a treatment record be given to every client so they have an immediate record of what chemicals were used and where. This is important if poisoning or any other negative event occurs after your treatment.

In Australia the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) requires financial records to be kept for 7 years. Generally it is recommended you keep treatment records for 7 years; frequently, treatment records are also invoice documents (financial record).

Records must be true and not contain false or misleading information. In SA a $5000.00 fine can apply.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS), previously called Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), should be kept for all chemicals used by you. You must be able to supply a copy to any client that requests one. Carry a full complement in your vehicle and a complete set at the office/home. If you stop using a particular pesticide you should keep a copy of its SDS for at least a further 5 years.

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