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How to win more customers and termite work

Running a pest control business has always been challenging, but never more so than today with the market more competitive than ever. On top of overseeing everyday operations, you have to manage costs, manage the risks you face and all while somehow finding a way to set yourself apart from the competition. They want the very job you're trying to win.

A growing number of pesties believe they've found a way to address this through TimberSecure Termite Insurance. It allows them to reduce costs, reduce the risks they face and at the same time gain the crucial advantage of being able to offer customers a superior service.

If you're wondering what's involved, we've introduced a new way for you to find out. A free TimberSecure Marketing Course has been added to the Rapid Solutions E-learning Centre, that you can complete to find out what you've been missing out on. It includes video testimonials from real pesties, survey insights and will also tell you all about the free marketing tools you can access.
The course covers:

  • What homeowners want when choosing a company to control termites in their property
  • What TimberSecure is and how it works?
  • How Rapid Solutions clients use TimberSecure to win new business
  • A simple "marketing plan" to grow the number of termite management customers you have
  • A simple 'game plan' for discussing termite management with potential customers
  • How to use the free marketing tools to grow your termite business

It's a great resource that both you and your team can complete for free, to help you secure more customers and secure the future of your business.

To find out more, visit the E-Learning Centre.