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Complete reports on your phone, tablet or computer

The wait is over. You can now use Report Writer on your phone, on your tablet and on your computer.

The new version gives the same experience on Android and iOS devices along with the website portal for desktop or laptop. This means you can easily access Report Writer wherever you are.

You will enjoy the improved performance that allows reports to be loaded and submitted quicker than before.

Android and iOS users will also benefit from the automatic offline mode that means you can now finish a report even if your internet connection drops out.

A save and overwrite function has also been introduced that gives you the ability to overwrite reports that you've saved previously.

Some reporting systems have been developed with a one size fits all approach, meaning you might be using the same templates as someone in a completely different line of work.

You work in a highly specialised industry that is distinct from all others. That's why Report Writer has been developed for pest inspections and building inspections.

Report Writer is the only place to access the latest Rapid Solutions reports that are maintained by our technical department to ensure continuous compliance with the relevant Australian standards.

If you're not already using Report Writer following the link below to take a free trial.