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TimberSecure: What's in it for you and your clients?

The launch of TimberSecure in late 2013 has proven extremely successful with our pest management clients and their customers (homeowners) alike. There is currently in excess of 150 pest managers who have taken the concept of TimberSecure to their customers and this number is growing steadily on a weekly basis. The policy is giving a real sales and marketing edge to pest managers who are insured with Rapid Solutions.

The results from a national survey that we commissioned clearly show a desire from homeowners to have access to an insurance product such as TimberSecure. The 5 year policy coverage was among the top 3 selling points.

Here's an overview of the TimberSecure product and you can also watch a TimberSecure video below. Who knows, you might spot a familiar face or two. A special thanks to our clients who agreed to be a part of this project!

What's in it for you?

  • No excess payable in the event of a claim
  • Protects your no claims bonus
  • No claims recorded against your professional indemnity insurance
  • Allows for a range of treatment options
  • Provides a competitive edge
  • No complicated paperwork
  • Can assist in repeat business
  • Available on stand alone homes, duplexes and strata
  • Insurance premium discounts available

What's in it for your client?

  • $100,000 TimberSecure termite insurance policy
  • $360 for a 5 year policy. This amount is inclusive of GST/stamp duty etc.
  • Available after installing a complete termite management system. Also available to existing systems installed 2-3 years ago, as long as a regular inspection regime has been maintained.
  • All timbers in the protected structure that are damaged by termites during the policy will be repaired or replaced
  • No fault policy; no excess payable

What treatments are eligible?

  • Baiting/monitoring
  • Chemical
  • Reticulation
  • Drill, inject, trench and flood
  • Physical barriers
  • Integration of above

Can it be transferred?

  • Upon sale of a home, TimberSecure can be transferred to the new homeowner (fee applies)

Make TimberSecure part of your service offering