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Take a look at our FAQs below

Here are some 'Frequently Asked Questions' that you may find helpful.

If you have have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or call our insurance team on 1300 309 169.

How do I apply for insurance?

In the first instance you will need to complete an application form. As our application forms are tailored to the business activities that you undertake, you will need to contact our insurance team to obtain one.

We will also require evidence of your qualifications and licences.

How much will insurance cost me?

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of insurance, such as type of work being performed, turnover, level of insurance cover taken and claims history.

A detailed premium advice can be prepared for you which will detail the cost of insurance for your individual requirements.

Can I pay monthly and does this cost extra?

Monthly payments are available, however they do incur additional charges.

What paperwork can I use?

As a insurance client of Rapid Solutions you can use our paperwork systems. We have paperwork for all aspects of pest management, termite, timber pest and building inspection activities. This includes checksheets, client pre-inspection agreements, reports and certificates. We also have our online, onsite report writing system Report Writer.

Our paperwork can be downloaded for free through the client section of our website, or purchase in duplicate/triplicate pad format for a small cost. We don't charge subscription or licensing fees for our paperwork.

Other report systems can also be used as long as they adhere to the appropriate Australian Standard.

What is, and can I get 'Retroactive' cover?

Retroactive cover provides insurance protection for work that you undertook prior to the commencement of your current policy.

If a claim arises from work that you did 2 years ago and on your current policy you have retroactive cover with a date prior to this work, then your current insurance will cover this claim subject to the rest of the policy's terms and conditions. In the event that you didn't have retroactive cover this unfortunately won't be covered by your current policy, and generally not covered by your previous insurer if their policy was a 'claims made' policy.

Rapid Solutions can offer retroactive cover back to the date that you first started to hold continuous, and similar, insurance for your business. We look at retroactive cover on an individual basis taking into account your insurance history.

Can timber pest & building inspections be covered under one policy?

Yes, through Rapid Solutions you can have one policy that covers both timber pest and building inspections.

Can I take liability and/or professional indemnity on its own?

You can have insurance for liability or professional indemnity on its own. However we don't recommend this as you could be leaving yourself unprotected in the event of a claim.

If I contract to someone else do I need my own insurance?

Generally yes, however contact our insurance department to discuss your individual circumstances.

What is, and can I get 'Run-off' cover?

If you cease to run your business or sell it we suggest you take 'run-off cover'. This liability and/or professional indemnity insurance cover will protect you in the event that someone claims against you once you are no longer in business.

'Run'off' insurance, generally, has a reduced premium compared to standard liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Where will my claim be handled?

If you have a claim whilst insured with Rapid Solutions it will be handled by our own staff in our own office. We have a claims department that consists of qualified insurance assessors, pest technicians and building consultants.

As we have been managing liability and professional indemnity claims, for the industries we insure, for over 25 years we understand how to manage these claims effectively.

You won't be dealing with someone that doesn't understand how your business operates.

Can I cancel my policy and get a refund?

Yes you can cancel your policy. You will receive a refund from which a small cancellation fee is deducted.

Once you are no longer insured with Rapid Solutions you are unable to use our paperwork system either through us or any of the suppliers that use our paperwork format in their systems.