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Keep your business safe with risk assessments for cleaning services

We understand your risks

You work hard for your money with your cleaning business and you deserve peace of mind with the best value insurance package to cover you and your business needs.

Rapid Solutions policies cover cleaning services that include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, general house cleaning and light commercial cleaning.

Our knowledge, experience and understanding of the risks you face, allow us to deliver protection packages that are tailored specifically to you.

With over 25 years experience working with your industry, you can conduct your daily business operations knowing that the premiere insurer for the Cleaning Industry is behind you.

Professional Indemnity insurance

No matter how big or small your cleaning business, you’re still open to being hit with a negligence claim for advice. To ensure you’ll be covered for legal costs or damages, Professional Indemnity Insurance is an invaluable addition to your insurance package.

Professional Indemnity insurance covers a breach of your duty of care and/or duty to warn, whilst performing your day to day business activities. Any errors or omissions that result in a financial loss to a third party could result in a claim being made against you.

We offer up to $2,000,000 cover with competitive premiums with an option for higher cover if requested. We recommend that you take a level of cover that is sufficient to provide for the cost of both the damage caused and the cost of a legal case.


What it covers

Just because you don't carry out inspections and reports doesn't mean that you don't need Professional Indemnity insurance. Here are some examples of what your professional indemnity policy would cover:

  • Damage resulting from cleaning products, such as damage to paint work on a house

  • Damage to carpets and upholstery caused by a cleaning agent

The above is intended as a summary only of the policy.

General and Public Liability

No matter how careful you are whilst performing cleaning tasks, accidents happen and can end up being very costly. General and Public Liability Insurance will protect you financially if you’re found liable for damages that have happened as a result of your actions. This can include unforeseen circumstances such as someone slipping on floors you’ve just cleaned or dropping or spilling chemicals that damage the floor or floor covering.

Why is personal injury a risk?

Personal injury can occur if someone on, or near, the property that you are working at is hurt because of your activities. That person, or their family, may claim compensation from you for that injury, and any expenses they incur as a result.

An injury can occur from someone simply tripping over your equipment or slipping on an area that you have treated.

Claims of this nature, can take many years to go through the legal system. You therefore need to be sure you have sufficient cover now, to protect you against a settlement amount that will be determined in several years time.

Environmental Impairment Insurance

This is often referred to as Sudden and Accidental Pollution Cover and is covered by our liability policy. It covers the cost of containment and clean up of an accidental or unintentional chemical spill or discharge that could cause environmental impairment or pollution. These costs can run into many thousands of dollars.

It protects you in the event of a chemical spill that occurs during your treatment and the spill contaminates waterways, local water authority drainage systems, etc.

However it does not cover you for spillage from your vehicle. For that you require PestShield™ Vehicle Insurance.


PestShield™ Vehicle Insurance

Through IAL t/as CGU Insurance, we offer a motor vehicle insurance policy that is designed especially for those that carry equipment and/or chemicals. Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is provided with the options of covering your fixed and/or removable equipment that you have in or carry on your vehicle.

Included in your CGU Policy:

  • Full Glass Cover
  • Fixed and Removable Equipment
  • $100,000 chemical spillage

Important Documents:

PDS  |   Supplementary PDS  |  Benefits

Other Insurance Options

As an authorised representative of Ausure Insurance Brokers to provide you with a greater number of insurance options for both you and your business.

We can provide insurance for:

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Business & Liability Insurance
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance
  • Home and Contents
  • Caravan Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Farm Insurance
  • Construction Insurance
  • Income Protection

If you would like further information in regards to any of these products visit Other Insurance.

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Rapid Solutions is the only underwriting agent with access to the specialist professional indemnity and general and public liability insurance offered by Pacific International Insurance Pty Limited. We offer competitive premiums on a policy wording, which are specifically worded for your industry.