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We offer insurance policies for a range of industries at competitive premiums

We offer liability and professional indemnity insurance policies that have been specifically written for the pest and building industries.

Through our partnerships with Ausure Insurance Brokers we also offer general insurance products, such as vehicle insurance, business premises and equipment insurance, as well as liability and professional indemnity for other occupations.

Pest Management Insurance

When you or your employees are out on the job, there are all kinds of things that can go wrong. 

Protect your business with our specialised pest management insurance policies.

TimberSecure Termite Insurance policies are an added benefit available to our insured clients. Find out more today! 

Building Inspection Insurance

Whether completing a building inspection or a pre-purchase report, you can conduct your daily business operations knowing that the premium insurer for Building Inspectors is behind you. 


Agricultural Pest & Weed Control Insurance

You carry out your day-to-day business activities with the utmost of care. Let us provide that care for your insurance. 

With policies written specifically for agricultural pest and weed control, you can be assured that Rapid Solutions is providing the best cover for your business.

Urban & Commercial Weed Control Insurance

Your business is your livelihood, so it makes sense to protect it.

Rapid Solutions have options to ensure that you are covered under every circumstance.

Our policies are premium quality and are tailored specifically for urban and commercial weed control.

Cleaning Services Insurance

Rapid Solutions knows good business. We are here to support our clients in all of their business endeavors.

Our policies offer premium coverage and are tailored to the cleaning industry. 

Other insurance - Rapid Brokers

Our brokers can help you assess your risks and suggest a range of other insurance policies to cover your business or personal life.

We have access to policies through some of the largest insurers in Australia.

TimberSecure Termite Insurance for Homeowners

More than one in every five homes in Australia has had termite damage. The estimated annual damage bill is more than $100 million every year.

Protect one of your biggest investments and ensure your house is inspected by a fully insured pest controller and has a TimberSecure Termite Insurance policy.