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EduCON 2019 Sponsors

Gala Dinner Partner

Thank you to BASF as EduCON 2019 Gala Dinner Partner.

BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge solutions for Australian pest control operators looking for certainty and flexibility, while increasing efficiencies and profit potential. We deliver the most powerful products for existing and emerging pest control challenges including termites, rodents, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, fleas, flies, mosquitoes and occasional invaders.

Driven by the principles of innovation, sustainability, and collaboration, BASF is constantly investing in the research and development of new pest control products and services that improve quality of life for people around the world. We move beyond yesterday’s best chemistries to provide better ways for Australian Pest Controllers to succeed today.

Welcome Reception Partner

Thank you to Syngenta as EduCON 2019 Welcome Reception Partner.

Syngenta Professional Solutions are dedicated to helping pest managers build successful businesses and provide quality services to customers. We want to help build the reputation of professional pest managers through a shared passion for quality and innovation in pest control. By sharing industry insights we hope to inspire pest controllers to have successful businesses. With the latest technology, we’ll help you stay on the cutting edge, and together we’ll build a better industry.

The Syngenta range is extensive and continues to grow and expand in the quest to support the specific needs of the professional pest management industry. Our products combat all kinds of pest issues, responsibly and efficiently, providing better solutions for both residential and commercial pest control problems that you face every day.

Breakfast Sponsor

Thank you to IQumulate as EduCON 2019 Breakfast Sponsor.

Over the past 16 years, we have developed a strong business foundation under our previous name – Macquarie Pacific Funding. Our core aim is to empower brokers to think ahead. And we lead by example.

Our mission is to deliver what we promise and build trust and long term relationships with our brokers and their clients. To execute on our mission, we have taken the opportunity to now deliver on two key promises:

  • Empower intelligent decisions [our IQ]
  • Delivering premium funding to help clients protect their insurance assets [accumulation]

This is how IQumulate Premium Funding was born.

Merchandise Sponsor

Thank you to Bayer as EduCON 2019 Merchandise Sponsor.

Bayer is an international life science company offering innovative products that serve the health of humans, plants and animals.  Environmental Science, a business unit of the Crop Science Division of Bayer, is a leader in our industry today and aspires to become a thought leader tomorrow.  Guided by our purpose of "Fostering healthy environments where we live, work and play", we aim to provide to our customers high-quality solutions beyond products; promoting sustainable development, strengthening our customer centricity and investing in innovation, such as new formulation technologies.  For example, in 2018 Bayer launched Suspend Flexx Insecticide with leading-edge patented Carrier technology as well as a new Smartphone app, Pest Partner, for use by pest managers, distributors and home-owners.

New Product Sponsor

Thank you to Green Zone as EduCON 2019 New Product Sponsor.

Green Zone Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company behind the newest pre-construction termite barrier products to hit the market. The company was established in September 2010 to develop the GREENZONE® technology for Australian and international building and construction markets.

GREENZONE® is an insect and termite barrier technology which integrates a compressible foam substrate with bifenthrin; creating significant savings in labour and materials to install a combined termite repellent and compressible foam layer.

The core innovation is the integration of a termite repellent into expansion joint foam which can be applied to all elements of construction that require a termite barrier in order to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Within only 12 months from launching on the market, the company has grown to having over 350 accredited installers Australia-wide, and is fast becoming the go-to for many Pest Control Technicians looking for a great product whilst supporting an Australian business that values its customers.

Product Sponsor

Pest IT celebrates its 15th year in 2019 with the release of several new initiatives in bird and rodent management, along with new technologies utilising ozone generation and IoT sensors. The Pest IT booth at this year’s Rapid conference will demonstrate systems from these new initiatives as well as several of the company’s products that have created the benchmark for industry standards over the past decade.

Pest IT’s focus remains consistent on new, smart and intelligent device-driven technology. The company mission is to feature “green” environmental solutions for its clients and continue to be a formidable partner in a business arena that will focus on Global Warming implications in the years to come.

With an industry needing to reduced waste, minimise chemicals usage, adopt smarter technology, maintain animal welfare considerations and ultimately maximise business growth, PestIT can assist professional pest management companies with developing future proof business concepts.

After 15 years, the Cleaner - Greener - Smarter - PestIT message still represents the company adequately.

Product Sponsor

“Advancing the Agri-Pest sectors through modern technologies and optimising processes”

Pest Register software is a game changer for the industry, the new “all-in-one” Pest Management system specifically designed for pest businesses.  Businesses can now easily manage reports and clients, view their business insights and analytics, see evidence-based risk assessments, visualise job mapping, scheduling, accounting, process invoices and receive payments all in one place at an affordable rate.

The new all-in-one system helps companies grow and develop their businesses to be more profitable and time efficient. Pest Register is working closely with businesses and industry figures to create the perfect mobile and desktop solution in which businesses can quickly and easily manage their day to day operations.

It connects your clients through the App and the Job Hub creates a portal for the clients to communicate with the Pest Control businesses by providing notifications and reminders.

Pest Register is a fully Australian owned and operated independent company and our teams are committed and focused on delivering the latest innovative business management services.

Women in Pest & Building Sponsor

Thank you to Sherwood Chemicals as EduCON 2019 Women in Pest & Building Sponsor.

Lanyard Sponsor

Thank you to FMC as EduCON 2019 Lanyard Sponsor.

FMC is a leading R&D company that takes pride in being one of Australia’s most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of professional pest management products.

FMC proudly manufactures a wide range of quality products for the pest control industry within Australia and has done since the mid 1970’s; importantly the majority of the FMC portfolio is manufactured in Australia, and all to the highest standards. Professional pest managers can rely on FMC products to cost effectively control their customers’ pests and termites.

Our highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals are stationed around Australia and are working to uphold our philosophy of sustainable development and quality product innovation.