Covid-19 Updates

Following the government’s increased health warnings regarding COVID-19, we have enacted extra precautionary measures to protect the safety of our staff. We are trying our best to prevent this from impacting the service that you have become accustomed to, but you may experience slight service delays due to reduce staff numbers within our call centres.

Please remember, you can reach our consultants on [email protected] and also through our contact page.

We encourage you to use these digital options where ever possible.

Thank you for your understanding.


During these unprecedented times, we will endeavour to keep you abreast of Rapid’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


First and foremost, our commitment remains unwavering to the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, our customers, and all other stakeholders, including our community.


As an essential service, Rapid is putting measures in place to ensure we can continue servicing our policyholders for the duration of this pandemic, including having some of our people work from home, and implementing stringent professional distancing strategies and hygiene practices in place for those remaining at our head office.


We understand our policyholders are experiencing uncertain, ever changing times and a bleak economic National outlook, and Rapid will provide support wherever we can to ease the financial burden.


We’re providing this support one on one to our clients currently, and suggesting measures including:

  • Liaising with our funding provider Iqumulate regarding monthly premium payment options
  • Consideration of run-off cover if a policy requires cancellation, including waiving cancellation fees


We have also experienced a shift in business activity cover from a portion of our clients, to service their customer needs for cleaning and disinfecting work relating to COVID-19.


Cleaning as a Business Activity can be added to your Professional Indemnity and General Liability Insurance Policy.


In relation to this, we provide the below information from our Insurer Pacific International Insurance Pty Limited (Pacific).


As a response to the global pandemic COVID-19 declared on March 11, 2020  (also known as Coronavirus), Pacific requires its policyholders to align with Australian Government Health Department requirements and guidelines.


As per Clause 3.9 Precautions, Care and Remedial Action, the below conditions must be met, including when cleaning and disinfecting:

  • Your paperwork must specifically include a disclaimer, signed by the client on every job: “this work is not warranted to protect against or eliminate COVID-19 (the “coronavirus”)
  • Your paperwork must demonstrate alignment with the requirements of the Australian Government Department of Health Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19.
  • A sample of your paperwork, demonstrating fulfilment of the above two points must be provided to Rapid Solutions Pty Ltd as soon as practically possible
  • For clarity, “paperwork” includes customer quotations, invoices, receipts, reports and work sheets


Some useful resources for up to date, factual information on COVID-19 include:


For any further information or support regarding payment options or Cleaning as an Endorsement to your Policy, please contact our Customer Service team via email ([email protected]) or by phoning 1300 309 169 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

We understand the importance of retaining your insurance (or taking run-off cover) to protect your business and your assets during this uncertain time. For this reason, we will work one-on-one with our clients and students as best as we can to provide the support you need.


Depending on your circumstances, we can potentially offer you:

  • Alternative payment options. These may be extended to both Rapid Solutions insured clients and Rapid Training students.
  • Options to suspend or extend your training so you are still able to gain your qualifications.


If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact us on [email protected].


You can also reach our premium funding and training fee partners directly on:


Please be aware that there may be some impact to service levels during this period and we appreciate your patience during this time.