Termite & timber pest management

Termite dusting

It is essential that any termite or timber pest work needs to be completed to the relevant Australian Standard and the product label or installation guides.

The Australian Standards that are relevant to termite or timber pest work are:

  • AS3660.1 - 2000 Termite Management  - New building work
  • AS3660.2 - 2000 Termite Management - In and around existing buildings and structures - Guidelines
  • AS3660.3 - 2000 Termite Management - Assessment criteria for termite management systems
  • AS4349.0 - 2007 Inspection of Buildings - General requirements
  • AS4349.3 - 2010 Inspection of Buildings - Timber Pest inspections

There is also a Code of Practice that applies to  Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspections.

Rapid Solutions has developed a paperwork system that complies with the relevant Australian Standard and the Code of Practice. We also have our on line report system Report Writer which enables clients to quickly prepare inspection reports whilst onsite.

Are you listed on our Property Inspections website? This is a complimentary website where insured Rapid Solutions clients can list their business. This site is used by conveyancers, real estates, solicitors, property managers and the general public to book timber pest and building inspections. Inspection bookings made through the site don't need a pre-inspection agreement signed. The user, through the booking process, is advised of the terms of this agreement and must accept these for the booking to be submitted.

If you require assistance with any technical advice, difficult termite job, or developing your own paperwork, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on 1300 309 169.


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