Chemical record keeping

It is a requirement of all States and Territories that records relating to all aspects of chemical usage are kept. These records should contain the:

  • Pesticide(s) and chemicals used
  • Name of the person who applied the pesticide
  • Date of use
  • Address or location of area where the pesticides were used
  • Application rates
  • Mixing rates
  • Location of the application areas (within premises or property) 
  • Target pests

These items can be obtained through quotations, invoices or receipts provided all relevant details are shown.  We have a Risk Assessment and Chemical Record Keeping paperwork format that complies with the relevant legislation.

Some States & Territories have additional record keeping requirements. You should check with the relevant authority in your State or Territory for their specific requirement.

For more information on the use of chemicals in the workplace:

All States & Territories except NSW:                For NSW:

         Guildeins-for-chemical-use-non-ag                             COP-chemical-use-in-non-ag


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