You only get one chance to make a good first impression

Date: August 2016

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When you have staff working for you, you have to trust them. You would not employ them or keep them on if they were not trustworthy or if they let you and your team down.

How do you check the work of your technicians and their ability to do the job?

  • Customer complaints
  • Call back or service calls
  • Referrals
  • Happy customers
The last two are fine but if you get too many, or any, of the others you may already be in trouble.

If any member of your team (even you) is not performing as well as expected it may be they are behind in some aspect of the day to day tasks most of us take for granted.

When you employ a new technician how do you know they are technically sound? Do you test them? Check them out? Trust what they tell you? If you make the correct choice you will get happy customers. But what if you are wrong?

How many times have you employed a person? How many times have you conducted an interview for a new employee? How many times did you feel very comfortable about your choice?

To help remove some of the mystery when employing a new technician or assisting in maintaining a high quality in existing employees, our training department has developed the Assessment Centre. It is a series of questions that relate to specific segments of the pest management industry, questions that relate to ordinary day to day responsibilities, issues and tasks undertaken by pest technicians across Australia.

It is designed to identify any areas that require improvement. Nothing in today's world stays the same for long. There are changes to products, regulations, codes of practice, application techniques and even to the pests themselves. How do you know that you're keeping up with everything? Most of the time you do not.

The Assessment Centre won't solve all the problems we face in our day to day work but it will help us to identify where we are, where our technicians are and even where a potential new employee is. It may just stop the problems before they start.

Visit the Assessment Centre at the link below for full details and to register.

Registering could help you win extra contracts, make you aware of a problem that needs to be fixed or just give you peace of mind. Give it a try, you may just be surprised!

Assessment Centre


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