Drill Hole Spacing

Date: December 2016

Recently there have been some rumours asserting that Rapid Solutions does not insure you if your drill hole spacing distance is more than 150mm. This is completely FALSE.

The insurance policy wording states that the treatments are to be done in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3660. AS 3660.2 Section 6.4 says that chemical products used shall be registered with the NRA (now named as the APVMA). APVMA registered Labels are law and need to be followed.  

Rapid Solutions' insurance policy and other insurance policies cover treatments that are carried out in accordance with AS 3660 and the chemical product label. Some product labels e.g. Biflex applied to sandy soils types allow up to 300mm and as it's on the label then the policy covers the use of the product in accordance with the label.

The Biflex label also says "If the soil type is unknown it should be assumed to be clay and the hole spacing should be no greater than 200mm." If it is heavy clay soil the label says hole spacing is 150mm. This highlights why product labels should be read and understood.

As a risk reduction measure, Rapid Solutions recommends 200 mm spacing, based on a forestry department trial that found this to be more reliable than wider spacing. Using 200mm spacing reduces the risk of the treated zone (barrier) not being complete. This is a recommendation, not a requirement. 
Using a product in accordance with the label meets policy requirements.

Advances in chemical formulations with better soil distribution properties and new application techniques may in future allow effective treatments at greater spacings than current labels allow and such future developments will have to have their data accessed by the APVMA before the APVMA approves label registration.

Please contact the Rapid Solutions Technical Department by calling 1300 309 169 or by emailing support@rapidsolutions.com.au if you have any questions.


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